Our Culture

What we do
We combine an agile, talented, and genuinely good team of people and a healthy dose of hard work, mix in an open and collaborative working environment, some awesome technology, and a damn good time to create a product that is helping hundreds of thousands of small businesses.

The spot
Our office isn't sparkling new, nor does it have napping pods, a gym, or free massages. But we don't think we need any of that to stay motivated. We really believe in what we're doing here at Outright, and that in and of itself is enough to make work fun and engaging. There are some other things, though, that make working here especially great.

In addition to our bright and high-ceilinged office with distinctive and oddly energizing lime green walls desks big enough to sleep on (trust us, we've tried), we've got a kitchen fully stocked with beer, wine, and snacks. We take our beer very seriously here; in fact, it has its own fridge. We usually crack that open during Friday Demos, before we take advantage of Sunnyvale's extensive selection of bars together.

Since we have more than a few favorite watering holes in the neighborhood, we take a vote each week to decide the team's drinking venue of choice. On one of our many whiteboards you will most likely be able to spot the remnants of last Friday's bar poll, with tally marks revealing the week's winner.

No one likes cubicles
And we're no exception. No one has his or her own office and our building is square, so no one can hide in private nooks. No one here wants to do that anyways because we all value our open and collaborative working environment. We think it's ideal for paired learning, which we're really fond of.

There are a few conference rooms at the office, but it's not unusual to find impromptu meetings clustered on the couch, on bean bags, or on our sunny deck. We like to keep it casual here.

No shirt, no shoes, no problem
Well since we don't really condone nudity here at Outright, you should probably show up in a shirt, but we don't really care if it's fancy. We prefer to keep it casual, which means we wear whatever we're comfortable in. Unless, of course, we're participating in Formal Friday, which was created by a few people as a bit of a joke since we're so casual every other day.

Barefoot employees are not not uncommon; in fact, you can tell if Steven is still in the office by looking under his desk for his shoes. If they're still there, you can bet he's around somewhere.

While we may dress casually, we take our work very seriously. It's that particular combination of hard work and a good time that makes us really tick. If this sounds like the sort of place you'd like to work, check out our job openings.

Outright culture

Outright Outings

While work itself is fun, we don't like to stop having fun at work. Here is a selection of some of the fun things we've done together.

racing school

Outright took to the track for a day of adrenaline at Skip Barber Racing School


Testing the team's athletic prowess at the bowling lanes


Deep Sea Fishing in the Bay

glass blowing

Touring the Bay Area Glass Institute in San Jose


Beer and barbecue in the Park

startup slide

Getting to know our neighbors at startup slides

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